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ECCV 2024 Workshops

Short Name Contact Day Time Room

3D Vision

Recovering 6D Object Pose W01 Tomas Hodan 09/29   AM
Half-century of Structure-from-Motion (50SfM) W02 Andrea Fusiello 09/29   PM
Dense Neural SLAM Workshop (NeuSLAM) W03 Martin R Oswald 09/30   AM
Geometry in the Large Model Era W04 Yichen Li 09/30   PM
Workshop on Spatial AI W05 Niclas Zeller 09/29   AM
Transparent & Reflective objects In the wild Challenges (TRICKY) W06 Jean-Baptiste Weibel 09/29   PM
Wild3D: 3D Modeling, Reconstruction, and Generation in the Wild W07 Wei-Chiu Ma 09/30   AM
AI3DCC: The Second Workshop of AI for 3D Content Creation W08 Despoina Paschalidou 09/30   PM
3D Vision and Modeling Challenges in eCommerce W09 Kai Wang 09/29   AM


FashionAI: Exploring the intersection of Fashion and Artificial Intelligence for reshaping the Industry W10 Marina Paolanti 09/30   PM
CV For Ecology Workshop (CV4E) W11 Mohamed Elhoseiny 09/30   AM
9th Workshop on Computer Vision in Plant Phenotyping and Agriculture (CVPPA) W12 Valerio Giuffrida 09/29   AM
3rd edition of Computer Vision for Metaverse (CV4Metaverse) W13 Giuseppe Serra 09/29   AM
The First Workshop on: Computer Vision for Videogames (CV2) W14 iuri frosio 09/29   PM
2nd Workshop on Vision-based Industrial Inspection (VISION) W15 Hao Yan 09/30   AM


AI for Visual Arts Workshop and Challenges (AI4VA) W16 Deblina Bhattacharjee 09/29   AM
Vision for Art (VISART) VII Workshop W17 Stuart James 09/30   AM
AI4DH: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Humanities W18 Roberto Pierdicca 09/29   PM

Autonomous Driving and Robotics

The Third ROAD Workshop & Challenge: Event Detection for Situation Awareness in Autonomous Driving W19 Salman Khan 09/29   PM
Vision-Centric Autonomous Driving (VCAD) Workshop W20 Yiming Li 09/30   AM
ROAM: Robust, Out-of-Distribution And Multi-Modal models for Autonomous Driving W21 Arturo Deza 09/30   PM
Autonomous Vehicles meet Multimodal Foundation Models W22 Yan Wang 09/29   PM
Multimodal Perception and Comprehension of Corner Cases in Autonomous Driving: Towards Next-Generation Solutions W23 Lanqing Hong 09/30   AM
Multi-Agent Autonomous Systems Meet Foundation Models: Challenges and Futures W24 Haibao Yu 09/30   PM

Detection, Recognition, and Low-Level Vision

Visual object tracking and segmentation challenge VOTS2024 workshop W25 Matej Kristan 09/29   AM
5th Advances in Image Manipulation (AIM) Workshop and Challenges W26 Radu Timofte 09/29   PM
Instance-Level Recognition W27 Andre Araujo 09/30   AM
Large-scale Video Object Segmentation W28 Henghui Ding 09/30   PM


Efficient Deep Learning for Foundation Models W29 Hongxu Yin 09/29   PM
Computational Aspects of Deep Learning W30 Giuseppe Fiameni 09/30   AM


ACVR2024 - 12th International Workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics W31 Marco Leo 09/29   AM
Foundation Models for 3D Humans W32 Yao Feng 09/30   PM
Workshop on Artificial Social Intelligence W33 Leena Mathur 09/29   AM
T-CAP - Towards a Complete Analysis of People: Fine-grained Understanding for Real-World Applications W34 Guido Borghi 09/29   PM
Observing and Understanding Hands in Action W35 Linlin Yang 09/30   PM
7th Workshop and Competition on Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-wild W36 Dimitrios Kollias 09/30   PM
The First Workshop on Expressive Encounters: Co-speech gestures across cultures in the wild W37 Viktor Schmuck 09/29   AM

Medical and Bio-Inspired Vision

BioImage Computing (BIC) W38 Alexander Krull 09/29   AM
Human-inspired Computer Vision W39 Lucia Schiatti 09/29   PM


Knowledge in Generative Models W40 Anand Bhattad 09/30   PM
Self-Supervised Learning - What is next? W41 Michael Dorkenwald 09/29   AM
Traditional Computer Vision in the Age of Deep Learning (TradiCV) W42 Andrea Fusiello 09/29   PM
Uncertainty Quantification for Computer Vision W43 Andrea Pilzer 09/30   AM
Emergent Visual Abilities and Limits of Foundation Models (EVAL-FoMo) W44 Ashkan Khakzar 09/30   PM
Beyond Euclidean: Hyperbolic and Hyperspherical Learning for Computer Vision W45 Pascal Mettes 09/29   AM
Workshop on Unlearning and Model Editing (U&ME'24) W46 Diego Garcia-Olano 09/29   PM
The 3rd Workshop for Out-of-Distribution Generalization in Computer Vision Foundation Models W47 Bingchen Zhao 09/30   AM
Workshop on Visual Concepts W48 Shangzhe Wu 09/30   PM
Sometimes Less is More: The First Dataset Distillation Challenge W49 Ahmad Sajedi 09/30   PM
2nd Workshop on Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning (QCVML) W50 Jan-Nico Zaech 09/29   PM
2nd Workshop on More Exploration, Less Exploitation (MELEX) W51 Vasileios Belagiannis 09/30   AM
Synthetic Data for Computer Vision W52 Lucia Cascone 09/30   PM


International Challenge on Compositional and Multimodal Perception W53 Kazuki Kozuka 09/30   AM
AVGenL: Audio-Visual Generation and Learning W54 Shiqi Yang 09/29   PM
Towards Multimodal Foundational Models for Modelling Visual Cortex W55 Federica Proietto Salanitri 09/30   AM
Multimodal Agents Workshop W56 Zane Durante 09/30   PM
2nd OmniLabel Workshop: Enabling Complex Perception Through Vision and Language Foundational Models W57 Vijay Kumar B G 09/29   PM
The Second Perception Test Challenge W58 Viorica Patraucean 09/29   AM


The Dark Side of Generative AIs and Beyond W59 Ryuichiro Hataya 09/29   PM
FOundation models Creators meet USers (FOCUS) W60 Antonio Alliegro 09/30   PM
Fairness and ethics towards transparent AI: facing the chalLEnge through model Debiasing (FAILED) W61 Vito Paolo Pastore 09/29   AM
Explainable AI for Computer Vision: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? W62 Robin Hesse 09/29   PM
TWYN: Trust What You learN. 1st Workshop on Trustworthiness in Computer Vision W63 Marco Cotogni 09/30   AM
Women in Computer Vision W64 Mamatha Thota 09/30   PM
2nd International Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Computer Vision W65 Vivek Sharma 09/29   AM
Critical Evaluation of Generative Models and their Impact on Society W66 Noa Garcia 09/29   AM
xAI4Biometrics at ECCV 2024 - 4th Workshop on Explainable & Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics W67 Ana F Sequeira 09/30   AM
Workshop on Green Foundation Models W68 Yiming Wang 09/30   PM

Scene Understanding

Scalable 3D Scene Generation and 3D Geometric Scene Understanding W69 Miaomial Liu 09/29   AM
OpenSUN3D: 3rd Workshop on Open-Vocabulary 3D Scene Understanding W70 Francis Engelmann 09/29   PM
Map-free Visual Relocalization W71 Aron Monszpart 09/30   AM

Sensing Devices

Workshop on Neuromorphic Vision (NeVi): Advantages and Applications of Event Cameras W72 Federico Becattini 09/29   PM
1st Workshop on Neural Fields Beyond Conventional Cameras W73 Tzofi Klinghoffer 09/30   AM
GigaVision: When Gigapixel Videography Meets Computer Vision W74 Lu Fang 09/30   PM
Eyes of the Future: Integrating Computer Vision in Smart Eyewear W75 Francesca Palermo 09/29   AM