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CMT Author Instructions

Paper submission and review site

ECCV 2024 employs CMT as the paper submission and peer review system.

Submission Site:

Please make sure that your browser has cookies and Javascript enabled. Please add “” to your list of safe senders (whitelist) to prevent important email announcements from being blocked by spam filters.

Creating a paper submission.

To create a new paper submission the corresponding author should perform the following steps:

Step 1

Click the “+ Create new submission” button in the upper-left to create a new submission. There, you will be prompted to enter the title, abstract, authors, and subject areas. You must also complete the submission questionnaire in CMT. For the subject areas, you must include at least one primary area. This information is used to help assign ACs and reviewers. Please see CMT for more detailed instructions.

Step 2

Check with your co-authors to make sure that: (1) they agree to being listed as an author; (2) you added them with their correct CMT email; and (3) they have entered their domain conflicts into CMT for ECCV 2024 (see Conflict responsibilities) by the paper registration deadline. If you add an author with an email that is not in CMT and the name and organization is not automatically filled, that means they are not yet in the system, and you should make sure to check that they do not already have an account under a different email before completing the requested information to add them. The author list should be finalized by the registration deadline (Feb 29, 2024 at 13:00 Pacific time). Authors cannot be added or deleted after the paper registration deadline but only reordered until the paper submission deadline (Mar 7, 2024 at 13:00 Pacific time).

Step 3

Paper ID number: Once you have registered your paper, you will be assigned a paper ID number by CMT. Insert this into the LaTeX template before generating the PDF of your paper for submission. Papers submitted without the ID number may not be reviewed.

Submission Requirements

The maximum size of the abstract that CMT will accept is 4000 characters. The LNCS limits on word count are not critical at submission time. The paper must be PDF only (maximum 50 MB). Make sure your paper meets the formatting and anonymity requirements (see ECCV 2024 Submission Policies). By the supplementary material deadline (Mar 14, 2024 at 13:00 Pacific time), the authors may optionally submit additional material that was ready at the time of paper submission but could not be included due to constraints of format or space. The supplementary material can be either PDF or ZIP only (maximum 100 MB). The paper for review (PDF only) must be uploaded first before CMT will accept uploads of the supplementary material. Note that the upload of supplementary materials will only be enabled after the submission deadline for the main papers has passed.